At O’Doherty’s we are are also renowned for our range of Speciality Meats

Aberdeen Angus Beef

Excellent for quality, excellent for taste!
Naturally reared on the shores of Lough Erne
World renowned for quality. Available in all the usual meat cuts.

Wild Venison

All our venison is taken from naturally culled deer, grazing on local estates.
The most popular would be venison haunch, saddle, chops, steaks, stew and mince.
Wild venison is also excellent for that special terrine.


Excellent for that special game pie or main course meal.
Beautiful marinaded in red wine and fruit!

Guinea Fowl

Similar to Pheasant but not as ‘gamey’ to eat.
This is a very popular poultry dish during seasons when pheasant is not available.


Excellent for a low fat diet ….. similar to chicken.
Rabbit stew is delicious!

Exotic Meats

If you require any type of unusual meat, we may be able to supply.
Anything from crocodile to kangaroo ….. please enquire about availability.