We offer a range of Speciality Bacons all created to the same high standards as our prize winning …

… Fermanagh Black Bacon

Reflecting bacon production in Ireland 100’s of years ago and voted ‘Best Irish Food Product’ by the Ballygowan Irish Food Writers.

Oak Smoked Bacon

Years ago in Ireland, bacon was left to mature up the chimney of the farmhouse where it had been cured. This Oak Smoked Black Bacon is more typical of the original Fermanagh Bacon as enjoyed by our ancestors

Streaky Bacon

The streaky version of our Fermanagh Black Bacon – same production values in a streaky rasher.

Nitrite Free Bacon

A revolutionary new style of bacon, that we have been pioneering for the past 12 years. It’s completely ‘E’ free! Scientific evidence suggests that nitrites are potential carcinogens, yet we take this harmful substance into our bodies regularly? Why should we accept the use of nitrites in our food? … our nitrite free bacon tastes excellent!!

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Brandy Cured Black Bacon

Bacon cured in brandy for that unique gourmet flavour!

Some of the other great meat products available from O’Dohertys … black and white puddings made with only the highest quality ingredients.