Minimum weight per pack: 180g
Minimum slices per pack: 6

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Product Description

Nitrites are used in bacon production in the form of salt petre, and have two distinctive functions:

-To act as a preservative,

-To colour the bacon pink. Just look at any prepacked bacon. What colour is it? Yes, you’ve guessed it. Pink.

On the downside, it is a recognised fact that nitrites are carcinogenic. Once taken into the body, nitrites turn into a related chemical known as nitrosamines. It is this hybrid which is highly carcinogenic – why risk your health?

We decided to create an alternative bacon for those who are health conscious and have been humbled to find that many groups of people react badly to nitrites in food. For example, autistic children react favourable to a nitrite free diet.

Many famous publications relating to diet stress the importance of avoiding foods containing nitrites for the promotion of health.