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Family's secret bacon recipe wins food award

by Myles McWeeney - Irish Independent, 24th February 2000

The Supreme Award at the 7th Annual Ballygowan/Irish Food Writers Guild, Food Awards was scooped yesterday by O'Doherty's, a small family-owned Norethern Ireland butcher shop, for its Dry Cured Black Bacon™, which is made to a secret recipe.

The O'Doherty shop is in the centre of Enniskillen. Pat O'Doherty spent over five years developing the winning product, visiting farms on both sides of the border, talking to elderly farmers and collecting old dry-curing techniques and recipes.

The pork is cured using ancient methods and natural ingredients, and is allowed to season natureally until it matures. The pigs from which the bacon is produced are an old-fashioned breed, specially selected black saddlebacks.