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Original Style Black Bacon™

"Fresh Pork is selected to undergo an ancient form of curing,
after 3 months an Ancient Bacon is formed"

Discover how to cook perfect Fermanagh Black Bacon on our YouTube tutorial >>

Special Introductory Offer

5 packs of Fermanagh Black Bacon delivered anywhere in UK for £19.99 (incl delivery)

Special Black Pudding Offer

A full Fermanagh Black Pudding delivered anywhere in UK or Ireland
for £13.99 (incl delivery)

Black Bacon Cookbook - AU$36 (inc delivery)

O’Dohertys have been in the forefront of the meat trade for over forty years. During that time there have been many advances in food production but how often have you longed for the taste of

Real Bacon ….

Bacon that doesn’t shrivel up, leaving a tell-tale white scum on your pan ….

Bacon that hasn’t been pumped with water and phosphates?

O’Dohertys Award Winning Black Bacon™ and Fresh Dry Cure Bacon are cured naturally from selected Fresh Quality Pork and left to season naturally …… just as you would a good wine!

The result is a Bacon that is matured to perfection!

"Ballygowan Irish Food Writers Guild - Supreme Award for Outstanding Product"

O’Dohertys has gained an enviable reputation for fine meat products throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom having won numerous National Awards.

Three times winner of “Best Steakburger in Ireland”

“Best Super Beef Sausage in the UK”

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O'Doherty's Fine Meats,
Belmore Street, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh
Phone: 0044 2866 322152
E-mail: sales@blackbacon.com